Saturday, December 27, 2008

Welcome to the site

Gentle readers,

I am proud to be a resident of this town. Everyone works hard to contribute to the community. Until recently, I did not know what to offer. For now, this is what I humbly present: A chronicle of my inquiries and responses from Dumont officials over the Sounding Off section of the fine publication, Twin Boro News. I'll also throw in an occasional comment when the urge strikes.

Read separately, these letters do not seem related. Read together all at once, it unfolds like an ongoing story. In the beginning, I thought I was seeking trivial answers to my trivial questions. How was I to know that the very officials we elect to manage local affairs seem to challenge my integrity and motives at every turn, this to someone not seeking elective office? I mean, what is there to hide?

Whose questions and responses are carefully supported by facts? Whose rebuttals resort to diversion, innuendo and baseless accusation, supported by figures that do not add up? Who addresses us as if we seem ignorant? Who dismisses us as if we seem incapable of understanding? Read it here, look at my references. You be the judge.

For those familiar with reading web pages, you will notice that I have many embedded links. For those just becoming familiar, you will notice locations where the text changes color and when the mouse pointer (cursor) falls in that area the arrow changes to a hand with an extended index finger. An example is right here. These links point to a reference document or an attempt to make an action easier for the reader.

May I ask a favor? If what you read does not sit well with you, ask. Make noise. Join others in the discussion. Keep asking until the answers satisfy you. Feeling badly that you may be taking up valuable time of borough officials? Remember, we are paying for this right. May as well get our money's worth. Do this not for me, but for yourself. Write a letter to the editor. Shy? Use the online boards. Think borough officials do not monitor the board? I find it difficult to believe that this statement was issued merely because of the call volume flooding borough hall switchboard during those days.

Nevertheless, keep the comments coming. Thank you.