Monday, April 5, 2010

New Math in BOE Budget?

The following article on the revised budget appeared on Sunday with some revised numbers.  I should be able to locate the revised numbers and plug them in, right?  Start with the budget spreadsheet.

For example, the 2009-2010 Tax levy appears on revenue sheet, cell D9.  Substitute revised 2010-2011 Tax levy into E9. Check.

Now on to the 2009-2010 Budget.  Where is the matching number on the revenue sheet?  D32?  D59?  Why is it not there?

How about 2009-2010 state aid?  Is it on revenue sheet, cell D22?  2010-2011 state aid number provided seem to match E22.

Why could some numbers be matched and not others?

Good question.  According to the Record article's author, the information was supplied by Business Administrator Kevin Cartotto.

Could it just be misplaced data or the new math being taught that I missed?