Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Too Much Sunlight?

Even though the Mayor, Council President and committee members could be heard calling on public participation in future meetings, it will not be happening in the next meeting.

Nevermind what was seen and heard as to the next Ordinance and Resolution Committee meeting scheduled on Wednesday March 10.  According to the borough clerk:

At the last Ordinance meeting it was decided to schedule the next Committee meeting March 24th. It will be a regular Committee meeting with only the three committee members attending-not the public.

How could I miss the recording?  Looks like the backroom talks began as soon as I shut off the camera and left the room.  Apparently dissuading other council members from attending was not enough.  Now they want the public out too.  So much for openness and transparency...

In the darkness, hopefully whatever they make will not stink and be closer to wine than vinegar.  Is that a reasonable request?

Miss the meeting?  It may be the last ordinance and resolution committee meeting recorded this year.  See the video for yourself.  Is there any wonder why?