Sunday, February 7, 2010

Where does this go?

To the bank or line the birdcage?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Does Councilman Carrick's vote appear to go to the highest bidder?

At Tuesday evening's M&C meeting, what was traditionally a brief public session turned into an extended discussion between the public audience members on current events, campaign finance reform and pay-to-play.

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, these are the facts:

1.  According to ELEC filing form R-1 signed and dated 05/18/2009, Matthew Carrick acknowledged a campaign contribution of $5,200.00 on 03/04/2009 from T&M Associates on page 2 of Schedule A.
2.  According to ELEC filing form R-1 signed and dated 10/02/2009, Matthew Carrick acknowledged a campaign contribution of $5,200.00 on 09/02/3009 from T&M Associates on page 2 of Schedule A.
3.  On 02/02/2010 Councilman Carrick voted AYE on Resolution #10-70 to appoint T&M Associates as Borough Engineer.

I am told that Mr. Carrick broke no laws. 

But what does that mean? 
Is it okay to do something as long as it is not illegal?
What appearance does this create? 

If I were in this situation, the easiest thing would be to ABSTAIN.  The outcome would have been the same, yet I would be building CREDIBILITY because I was elected into office UNOPPOSED. 

But that's just my opinion.
Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

Councilman Carrick is encouraged to send me his rebuttal. 
It will be posted right here.