Tuesday, March 29, 2011

PSE&G Solar Panels in Dumont

The article in last Sunday's Record about solar panels had a pic where all the panels are pointed neatly in one direction.  I took a look around Dumont and I found them seemingly pointing in different directions.  Take a look for yourself...(click for full size)

Directional Diversity?

Installed in the AM or PM?

Point towards the sun...

To the left or to the right?

Here's a close up
For the record, it does not really bother me whether the panels are there or not.  After all, PSE&G received permission from the NJBPU to charge ratepayers for this feature.  Never mind that according to PSE&G's estimates, it takes at least 28 panels, at full sun, to power the electrical needs of an average house.  Even that seems optimistic.  If the observations made by this individual are correct, this amounts to a feel-good project of questionable worth...