Sunday, July 26, 2009

Reduce Your Property Tax and Double Dip - ALL LEGAL!

Economy got you down?

Lost your property tax rebate this year?

Lucky to receive your property tax rebate and you want to reduce it even more?

Boy are you in luck this year!!!

A recent Sunday Times Article discusses this, the only way out for county and state government is for property values stabilize or increase.

Current homeowners who no longer qualify for property tax relief from the state of NJ will likely seek alternatives. Will the property tax assessments be in the crosshairs?

The kicker is that anyone can seek an appeal, regardless of their financial condition. While those with the means to conduct thorough research may have an edge, it takes nothing to get started.

Start here: Bergen County Resources

Pamphlet from the State of NJ

Appeals Form from the State of NJ

Can you still say I never tried saving you money on this blog?

You are welcome.