Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Q&A at the 12/16 Borough Council Meeting

Welcome Twin-Boro News Sounding Off readers. Here is the video excerpt of my exchange with borough officials during the general public participation session. Involved in the exchange: Councilman Carl Manna, Borough Administrator John P. Perkins, CPM, Council President Robert McQuade and Councilman Marty Caspare.

Here are the references I cited. Note that clicking on the link will take you to the document, away from this page:

Biodiesel Handling and Use Guidelines. If nothing else, read document pages 1 and 2. Does McQuade's skepticism of the guide's source seem justified? What source can we trust? Perhaps the National Biodiesel Board, cited by Manna in the Twin-Boro article. What do they say?

Biodiesel Production and Quality. Where is the borough performing the chemical transformation from waste fats into biodiesel? Does the borough have qualified staff and equipment to engage in this effort? What company has the borough hired to perform the chemical analysis of what they are making so it can be qualified to be called biodiesel?

NJ Contract Fuel and Gas Prices. Now that fuel prices have collapsed some 67% from summer highs and half of December 2007 prices, why was McQuade heard claiming $27,000 in fuel expense overruns? What was the cost-per-gallon budgeted for 2008?

NJ Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Program. The NJBPU project manager seems unaware of any inquiries from Dumont, let alone having received any applications from the borough. Who then, at NJBPU, is the borough working with?

Dumont Green Initiative - Press Release. Now see whether any of these facts make sense or figures add up.

Meanwhile, a deafening silence came from Councilman Riquelme. Why he said nothing despite claiming to lead the charge on alternative fuels puzzles me.

After challenging me to have a "real discussion", Manna's seeming inability to speak for himself beyond his script speaks volumes about the concern he really has for his constituents. Honestly councilman, are you looking over the document as promised, or have you already buried it?

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