Saturday, December 27, 2008

Renewable Energy Confronts Reality

An interesting article in the New York Times talks about the challenges of using various renewable energy resources through winter weather and reduced temperatures. Among them is trying to use biodiesel under these conditions. In January 2007, a Colorado bus operator using 20% biodiesel stalled the vehicle and stranded passengers one frigid evening. Now the operator uses 5% biodiesel in summer and 0% in winter.

Yet Dumont claims up to 51% biodiesel use in their vehicles. Seems that Councilman Manna's pondering of fry grease powering DPW snow plows is really fantasy after all... or did they try fueling their plow trucks with it during recent storms?

Another New York Times article talks about how biodiesel production by-products may not be environmentally inert. Makes one wonder how and where Dumont disposes of their biodiesel production by-products. Could borough hall be creating new problems in trying to resolve existing ones?

An overview of biodiesel technology can be found here, courtesy of Edmunds, Inc.

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