Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12/20/2011 Regular Mayor & Council Meeting

Last but not final meeting of the year:

Some questions:

1. When the borough administrator commended the mayor for running the borough like a business (16:12), did he mean the borough was run like it was taken over by a hedge fund, extracting its value and saddling it with debt from excessive consultant fees and legal yet questionable deals before leaving it in a far weakened state for a future unwitting caretaker to deal with?

2. It may be legal, but is it appropriate for the outgoing council to vote on the scheduling of the M&C reorganization meeting knowing the mayor elect is requesting an alternate date?

3. What does it say about a councilman if he is so set on voting to award a multi-million dollar construction contract that the incoming mayor and council members did not fully review, yet when a resident challenges him to take responsibility for the project's schedule and budget, is on record saying that the resident is threatening him?

Mr. Mayor, I didn't attend every meeting to video record your self-absorbed being. I just so happened to attend more public meetings than you have because several of your current and past councilmen said that council meeting videos were too costly to produce. Your outgoing councilman also challenged me that I cannot possibly know everything that's going on because I didn't attend enough council meetings. Here we are, three years later worth of council meetings, budget hearings and committee meetings. If you and your team showed a modicum of humility, would you be welcoming Mayor Abrahamsen and councilmen Hickey and Riquelme next year? Is this a teachable moment? We will never know.