Wednesday, October 28, 2009

EXCLUSIVE - Interview with Council Candidate Ken Freeman

Q1 - Please tell me a little about yourself.

A: Born and raised in Dumont, I have lived here my entire life, graduating as Valedictorian of Dumont High School. Continuing my education at Rutgers University as a Finance major with a minor in Philosophy, I graduated first in my class with a 4.0 GPA. After graduation, I worked on Wall Street in Investment Banking for Deutsche Bank. Since being recruited away from Deutsche Bank, I have been with an Asset Management firm in Hoboken.

Q2 - Why are you running for Dumont Council?

A: I am a Republican and I want to provide a fresh voice and an alternate viewpoint to the current all Democrat Mayor and council. My financial background enables me to give strong oversight to the town’s finances.

Q3 - What is your platform?

A: I want to bring two-party government back to Dumont, which is crucial to any town, be a point of checks & balances for all council activities, and offer some fresh ideas and alternatives.

We have seen explosive growth in taxes over the past several years and I want to dig down to not only find out why, but to see what isn’t working with the current all Democrat administration and implement the changes needed to bring back stability so that our seniors don’t “have to” sell their homes. We need to provide young families with the programs and services needed to keep them in our town.

Q4 - If elected, what are your goals for the first 100 days? The first year?

A: When elected, I will listen to the people that I will be representing. I will be visible and available throughout my term, not just during election time. In addition, I will go over past budgets with a fine-toothed comb, seeking to eliminate redundancies and increase efficiency, especially in advancing shared services with other towns.

Q5 - If elected, you will be outnumbered. How do you think it will impact your goals?

A: Clearly I will have to work to foster relations and build consensus, but, when necessary, I will be a strong voice of opposition.

Q6 - Your opponents may say that you have not participated in community activities, implying that it is somehow a prerequisite. Do you think the charge is relevant?

A: I am a lifelong resident and I understand the town and the people very well. I was a minor league baseball umpire in town, and played sports growing up and in high school. I have volunteered for the homeless in the area, participated in walks for Breast Cancer and those with disabilities and I have donated blood numerous times. I believe each candidate should be judged on what they bring to the table, their integrity and their ability to produce results.